Architectural Digest

- "Meet Wrappy Paper, the Gift-Wrap Brand Changing Everything

    - "This season, we’re actually looking forward to wrapping gifts for our loved ones"

    (Nov. 2018 - full article here)

     Wrappy Paper on Arch Digest


    The Denizen

    - "Set to change the wrap game for good

      - "Wrappy does away with the tacky styles of old in favor of modern graphic designs"

      (Sep. 2019)


      Wrappy Paper featured in denizen


      - "The NYC based gift wrap company was created with game-changing intent to refine the way we think of gift wrap. With a number of gorgeous designs, they are unlike any other company on the market.

      - "Wrappy Paper is notable for its sense of responsibility to the environment. Its compostable packaging contains no toxic materials, making it an environmentally sound purchase. It comes folded, not rolled, serving as major space saver in your home."

      (Dec. 2018 - full article here)